The UNESCO UniTwin Complex Systems Digital Campus

The CS-DC is an international network of institutions with more than 120 higher education and research institutions, It was recognized as a UNESCO UniTwin in July 2014 with the signature of a Cooperation Programme with the Director-General of UNESCO. The main objectives of the Cooperation Programme are to:

• disseminate a new transdisciplinary scientific approach to the complex problems of the modern world through systems thinking and the science of complex systems -- a vision that values and combines the knowledge of all social, cultural, physical, environmental and philosophical domains

• contribute to research and education of the highest quality, making the science of complex systems and its applications accessible to all

• promote lifelong personalised education for all in the science of complex systems facilitated by an open online worldwide digital campus

• contribute to the aims of global development while being respectful of the diversity of social and cultural environments, genders, religions or other ways of life, merging science, engineering, politics and ethics for sustainable development

The CS-DC is committed to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals through cooperation and evidence-based science.

N Sustainable Development Goals