Ukarine Partner Map

                            Map showing the locations of the Ukrainian partners

Partners in Ukraine

        Kyiv Academic University
        Uzhhorod National University
        Sumy State University
        Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University
        Higher Educational Institution Open International University
        Kyiv National Economic University Science Park
        Charitable Fund Intelektualna Perspekty
        Academy of Safety and Basics of Health
        Ministry of Communities and Territories Development
        National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”
        Mukachevo State University
        NGO Parostok
        NGO Lifelong Learning Center
        NGO Association of Women “Diya - Rivne”
        Association of Project Managers of Ukraine
        National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Open University Partners

        Professor Jeffrey Johnson, Director, Professor of Complexity Science & Design, UNESCO UniTwin CS-DC Deputy-President
        Professor Theodore Zamenopoulos, Co-Director and Professor of Citizen-led Design
        Dr Viktoriya Pyeshkova, Co-Director and CARA Fellow, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biomolecular Electronics
        Professor Paul Bourgine, Visiting Professor and President of the UNESCO UniTwin CS-DC
        Dr Salma Mesmoudi, Visiting Fellow in Large Multi-source and Multi-scale Data
        Dr Anna Yazishina, Visiting CARA Fellow
        Dr Patrick Wong, Senior Lecturer in Computing & Communications
        Professor Zoë Walkington, Professor of Psychology
        Professor David Sousa Rodrigues, Visiting Fellow in Complexity Science and Computing
        Ihor Sobianin, Research Student, Electronic Engineering and BioNanoTechnology
        Professor Stephen Sergeant, Professor of Astronomy
        Dr Tarek Rashwan, Lecturer in Sustainability and the Smart Environment
        Professor Lucia Rapanotti, Professor of Digital Innovation
        Dr Sotiria Psoma, Senior Lecturer in Electronic Engineering and BioNanoTechnology
        Professor Graham Pike, Professor of Forensic Cognition
        Professor Stephen Peake, Professor of Climate Change and Energy
        Professor William Nuttall, Professor of Energy
        Professor Jorge Louçã, Visiting Professor in Information Systems and Complexity Science
        Professor Anna De Liddo, Professor of Human-Computer Interaction
        Professor Satheesh Krishnamurthy, Professor of Energy Technology
        Dr Soraya Kouadri, Senior Lecturer in Web Technologies and Post Graduate Research Tutor
        Dr Foroogh Hosseinzadeh, Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering
        Professor Jon Hall, Professor of Problem Science and Computing
        Dr Jon Golding, Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences
        Kemal Delic, Visiting Fellow in Complexity Science and Industrial IT Systems
        Professor Matthew Cook, Professor of Innovation, Leader - Future Urban Environments Research
        Dr Jane Bromley, Lecturer in Cyber Security
        Professor Arosha Bandara, Professor of Software Engineering
        Dr Katerina Alexiou, Senior Lecturer in Design