Ukrainian Flag

The RESILIENCE-UKRAINE Complex Systems Digital Campus was formed in 2022 as a collaboration between a network of Ukrainian partners with the international UNESCO UniTwin Complex Systems Digital Campus (CS-DC). The CS-DC is a network of 120+ universities and institutions worldwide sharing resources for education and research in complex systems science and its applications to address the problems of the modern world at local and global scales. RESILIENCE-UKRAINE.CS-DC is hosted as a research and teaching project at the UK Open University.

RESILIENCE-UKRAINE.CS-DC has the mission of supporting its partners in war-torn Ukraine by providing transdisciplinary scientific and policy support for the resilience of the population and the physical, social and economic reconstruction of Ukraine in the decades to come. We plan to:

        • coordinate and seek funding for local and international research projects

        • provide research opportunities in the UK and Europe for Ukrainian scientists

        • create online educational resources to support people in Ukraine

        • create and seek funding for Masters and PhD programmes for Ukrainian students

        • support young people in Ukraine to join the international science and policy community

        • provide information to help Ukrainian academics make contact with similar UK academics

        • provide information for networking and mutual self-help for the RESILIENCE-UKRAINE community

        • provide information and support for Open University staff to work with Ukrainian partners

RESILIENCE-UKRAINE.CS-DC is open to everyone who wants to help the Ukrainian people endure the conflict and disruption in their country, and rebuild it when the conflict ends. This website will provide information on our activities as they evolve. We look forward to hearing from you

The RESILIENCE-UKRAINE.CS-DC Team     13th November 2023